Specialised Services

There are many applications that can utilise Intersealed's technology for protection from water penetration. Balconies and concrete walkways on homes, apartment blocks and commercial buildings can be the cause of water seepage into the ceilings and roof spaces of buildings. Without treatment deterioration of a building's structure can occur often without the occupants being aware.

Tile products and stone materials are often thought to be impervious to water and staining when indeed this is not the case. Tiles, marble, terrazzo, slate, granite, terracotta and limestone to name a few can allow water to penetrate or stains to occur. With Jack's Intersealed pressure cleaning, perimeter and clear sealing of the surface the problem no longer exists. Where grout is applied between the tiles using an epoxy seal to stop stains occurring is the next level of treatment.


Safety Grip

For a complete service with added safety we recommend our Safety Grip product which not only adds to the life of your balcony or walk way but provides a safe, long-term, non slip surface. This treatment is particularly applicable to commercial buildings and apartment blocks.


Commercial, Industrial and Residential Applications:

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