Leaking Shower Repairs

The Cause -

Leaking showers often occur due to the expansion and contraction of the floor and wall joints of the shower recess. The grouting installed is not flexible enough to bridge the gap between wall and floor. This can cause walls to swell and discolour, carpet to rot and smell musty as well as attracting insects and creepy crawley's.

Silicones and other products may work for a limited period but won't withstand harsh cleansers or scouring where as Jack's Intersealed ensures a complete seal that is guaranteed under product warranty for 12 years.

before and after

The Process

All that is required prior to our work is a clean, dry shower that has not been used for 12 hours. After assessing the shower with a moisture meter and pressure gauge for any plumbing problems the Jack's Intersealed operator will strip out all existing grout and sealants required to ensure clean surfaces.

The taps and handles and surrounding surfaces are all cleaned and primed with sealer. The Intersealed product is then applied to all wall and floor angles, around the waste outlet, the lower tiles and shower base. The shower will then dry and be able to be used the following day.

The Intersealed Benefits

  • Our service time is usually around 2.5 to 3 hours.
  • No tiles need be removed.
  • There are no odours, noise or dust and our operator leaves everything clean and tidy when the job is complete.
  • You can use your shower the next day.
  • Cleaning of Intersealed surfaces is easy as they are grease resistant and anti-fungal. So no ugly mould.
  • We give you peace of mind with a 12 year product warranty.
Pensioners receive a 5% discount on Intersealed leaking shower repairs

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